Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So lonely...

My mummy and daddy beans come home next week, I have missed them soo much! And Mamabean says that she has missed me heaps!
Me and Hugo
So untill they get back, all I have is Hugo cuddles.. I miss my people
Love and nosebumps
Bang! xoxo

Monday, December 27, 2010


Goodmorning folks, Elwood here, thought you could use a little civilized posting. little Bang! is so caught up in all her prezzies, and all the going ons of christmas, that she has neglected her blog, so along come I to save the day.
Pondering face
So back to it then. Bang! has sent me pictures of all the things she got for Christmas, but I think my handsome face is more entertaining... but Bang!s mummybean says that you would all be interested to see what she got, and that my face can have a whole post next time. So here she is, Bang! and gifts.
Gifts before

She got a mouse!
So here is a picture of all the lovely things Bang! got, not including the turkey fancy feast she got for christmas dinner!
Gifts after

"you no take my mouse!!"
That last one was Bnag!s daddy bean trying to take her new mouse away, such a fierce look from our girl!

That is all for me, I'm old you know so its time to go back to bed. So untill next time my friends
Love and nosebumps
Elwood xx

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hello everyone!
I am so sorry I have been so slack with the posting this week, but with my mama bean gone.. its very quiet around here. Daddy bean has been moaping around, and has even moved my kitty bed onto mummys side of the bed, right below her pillow. He says its so I can has snuggles whenever I want, but I know his ways.
Meanwhile, mamabean has been cavorting with another kitty! *shock face* but its alright, its only Elwood.
Elwood on mummys bed
Mama bean is in love with Elwoods feet. She says they are at least two of my feets they is huge!! also he has little pink beans, where I have black ones. They are pretty cute.. think they deserve a close up.
So my big brother is pretty cool, maybe I'll even let him guest blog for me while mama bean is up there with him, what do ya think?
I'll leave you with two pictures, one last image of the handsome Elwood, and another of Me of course!
Elwood looking handsome
Me and Hugo
Love and nosebumps
xoxo Bang!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Early Christmas!

I got my early christmas prezzies today! I got to open all but one fo my prezzies (one of them our flatmates get to open with me on Christmas day) But I'm not going to tell you what I got, not untill Christmas that is, but I will show you a picture of me with all my gifts!!
Look at all my gifts!!
You may wonder who that handsome fellow behind me is, well thats Hugo Hippo, he may appear in future posts.
Mama bean felt that today was early christmas because she started packing! can you believe it?! so I was all sad face, and I got things! (sad face always works)
I'm not too sure I like this

You can take me?
I kinda want to meet Elwood (he featured in an earlier post) as I have decied to make him my brother, mama bean speaks highly of his late night antics and is apparently very vocal, maybe he can teach me a thing or two.

Also, sorry for not posting much this week, mama bean has been useless! she says she is "soooo busy with handing in assignments before the holidays" and "shopping for prezzies" piffy I say, there is always time for you my lovely readers!

Love and nosebumps

xox Bang!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not a very exciting weekend

It hasn't been a ver exciting weekend, but thats how I like it. Mama bean has been giving me extra cuddles, as if that will make up for her leaving me on Friday. So there is not much to report around here today, so here is another adorible picture of me, gotta keep those mancats happy xoxo

My tousled bed look
Also mummy is writing one of her assignments on me! She is doing an english writing paper, and has to write a explanation pice, so she is explaining how to keep me happy! Its sure to get an A+ with me as the subject!
Me and Mana bean - how I like to be carried
Love and nosebumps

xoxo Bang!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yay its the weekend!

I love the weekend, mama bean stays in bed late, daddy bean gets all grumpy when I wake him up at 6 a.m, and sometimes people come to see my beans... usually they just end up playing and snuggling with me though. Another thing I am excited about is that Christmas is fast approaching, more and more prezzies are gathering under the tree, and mama bean is getting more and more stressed. I am sad that my mama bean is going away though. She is leaving me next Friday, so I only have her for another week! and she is gone for a whole two and a half weeks!! Who is going to give me cuddles in the day?! who is going to keep my warm spot in the bed?! Something must be done about this! But she does say that I get my prezzies early... and here is an early one for you...

I thought it time you saw some Bang! belleh
Love and nosebumps

xoxo Bang!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thank You!

I feel the need to thank all of you who have visited me from the link posted on Rumbles Blog Rumblebum!

Can't believe the amazing support from all of his wonderful friends and followers! And I'm excited to be making new friends in this biiiig world!

Thank you all so much for the comments and for those who are following me now!

Introducing my Daddy Bean
Thank you again everyone! follow me :D

Love and nosetaps

xoxo Bang!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I thought it was about time, you all saw me in action. My mummy made a video of me being cute, as usual. Daddy was taking a nap, he had just come home from work and still had his chef jacket on (he is a chef duh) I looooove to play with his buttons :)
Note that cute little noice I make at the end! thats about all the noise I can make, I can't quite manage a full meow, my parents think that maybe I just never learned, or perhaps when I had cat flu it damaged my vocal cords, what they don't know is that I can meow, I just enjoy being Mysterious!

I want to spread the love a little bit now. I read d'Artagnan Rumblepurr's blog Rumblebum religiously, and you should too, Rumbles just lost his beautiful brother Inigo last month, so go visit and share the love.

And just to leave you with a little something to brighten your day... Me
Just look at that tounge, those whiskers, my button nose! You may also notice my pawjustice coller tag, I suggest going to their websit and checking them out if your an animal lover.
If your interested in patching your pet too, you can order the tags through their site.

Off for a nap now, take care my loves

Love and nosebumps
Bang! xox

Monday, December 6, 2010

Countdown to Christmas

Hello again!

The last few days have been full of excitement! My mummy went shopping and came back with a bag of goodies which she wouldn't let me see... I think she got my christmas prezies! She also got me a bag of dried catnip, because I had never had it before, and my beans wanted to know if I would like it.
My first encounter
So I had a little sniff.... and I decided... Not floating my boat, no smooches, no licking, no play time... I went straight back to bed.
Needed rest after encounter
So now mummy have a full bag of catnip, and a kitty who dosn't like nip...

Next day I woke up from a naps and saw this!
Christmas prezzzzzies!!!!!
And the ones at the front are allll for me! I have my beans trained well!

Love and Nosebumps
Bang! xox

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Night Life

So its a bit late, and my daddy is snoring, and mummy is reading her book (read "no one is playing with me"). But alas I am awake and ready to play. So since there is nothing much happening round here today, I thiought I might tell you about a few little crushes I have. Firstly there is Elwood, he is a sexy mancat who lives in Auckland, and in fact lives with my mummy's mummy.
Rumppled out of bed look
He is a pretty sexy mancat, but he is a bit old for me (17 whole human years!) he is a pedegree Blue Point Burman, and used to have a brother named Jake (get it the blues brothers?!) but sadly, Jake passed away suddenly a few years back.
I also have my eye on a Next Top Cat Model contestant and recently judge Misha, but maybe we will go into that abit later.

It is almost Christmas, and I hope my beans get me some new toys! Mummy put up the tree yesterday, and one of the bows fell on the floor, and I found myself acting like a kitten all over again, lets just say, there isnt much left of that bow.
Mummy have put her book down, so I think its time for some snuggles.

Untill next time, love and noesbumps.

xx Bang!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My very first post

Mew!! And welcome to my blog! My name is Bang! (the exclamation mark is essential) And this is my very first post! I guess I should start off by telling you a little bit about me, I am an adorible ladycat, I am 5 years old, and my beans adopted me from the SPCA here in Wellington, previously I was found wondering the streets of the Hutt! (shocking).I may not be a pedagree by my mummy says I am the prettiest kitty to have ever graced this earth, and my daddy just can't get enough cuddles, even at four in the morning! I don't like the outside, and avoid it at all costs, I will venture out to our deck to sharpen my claws on the welcome mat, and to make sure my beans havn't forgoten about me! but other than that, I stick to the inside, where I have all I could ever want, my own bed, my beans bed, an always full water bowl and kitty crunchies all day long! Not to mention that my mummy studies at university, so she is around alot in the day time for snuggles and play time. Nextdoor there is a handsome black mancat, but I am not interested in romance right now, insted I much prefer the attention of all the people who swoon over me when they come to visit my beans! That is possible enough from me, I will leave you with my graceful image to worship over.
My Close Up

My Seductive pose