Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I thought it was about time, you all saw me in action. My mummy made a video of me being cute, as usual. Daddy was taking a nap, he had just come home from work and still had his chef jacket on (he is a chef duh) I looooove to play with his buttons :)
Note that cute little noice I make at the end! thats about all the noise I can make, I can't quite manage a full meow, my parents think that maybe I just never learned, or perhaps when I had cat flu it damaged my vocal cords, what they don't know is that I can meow, I just enjoy being Mysterious!

I want to spread the love a little bit now. I read d'Artagnan Rumblepurr's blog Rumblebum religiously, and you should too, Rumbles just lost his beautiful brother Inigo last month, so go visit and share the love.

And just to leave you with a little something to brighten your day... Me
Just look at that tounge, those whiskers, my button nose! You may also notice my pawjustice coller tag, I suggest going to their websit and checking them out if your an animal lover. http://www.pawjustice.co.nz/
If your interested in patching your pet too, you can order the tags through their site.

Off for a nap now, take care my loves

Love and nosebumps
Bang! xox


  1. Awww!! Thank you so much my BOOTIFUL friend! What a lovely thing to do!!

    I have to say, I've been admiring your cupcake hat... I used to wear a cheese hat... hmmm, if we cuddled we'd have cheese cake! ;)

  2. mmmm cheese cake, my favorite! I must say Rumbles, you are rather a gorgeous boy! Cuddles sound very fine to me

    Love and nosetaps
    xoxo Bang!

  3. Hello Bang! I read about you on Rumbles blog and thought I'd come say hello. Welcome to the CB!

  4. Hi there Bang! I was sent here by Rumbles! Nice to meet you and your cute tongue!

  5. Love your name and you are very cute! Our Pop is a chef too!

  6. Hello everyone, so lovely to get such nice messages! And thank you Rumbles for the mention!

  7. Hello Bang! I like the splodge of black on your nose and your cute tongue (sometimes I randomly sit around with my tongue out or mouth open for not reason). You look a little like my great great Grandma Lutu and great Grandma Kaifer who were both fluffy tuxedo girls.

    My mum hooman thinks your name is fantastic, as she just learnt recently that an exclamation mark is also known as a bang. Very clever!

  8. Why thank you Darwin, I quite enjoy poking my tounge out at my Beans, they seem to find it amusing. I also enjoy staring at the ceiling with my tounge out, my parents like to speculate why.

    So glad to hear you come from a sexy floofy tuxedo line, its a pretty foxy heritage!!