Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yay its the weekend!

I love the weekend, mama bean stays in bed late, daddy bean gets all grumpy when I wake him up at 6 a.m, and sometimes people come to see my beans... usually they just end up playing and snuggling with me though. Another thing I am excited about is that Christmas is fast approaching, more and more prezzies are gathering under the tree, and mama bean is getting more and more stressed. I am sad that my mama bean is going away though. She is leaving me next Friday, so I only have her for another week! and she is gone for a whole two and a half weeks!! Who is going to give me cuddles in the day?! who is going to keep my warm spot in the bed?! Something must be done about this! But she does say that I get my prezzies early... and here is an early one for you...

I thought it time you saw some Bang! belleh
Love and nosebumps

xoxo Bang!


  1. What beautiful floof you have Bang!

  2. What a floofalious belleh you have Bang!

    we're sorry that your mum is having to leave you. But be sure to milk the seperation anxiety for all the treats it's worth.

  3. Awww Bang, you can come and stay wiv us. They got warm beds here and lots of cuddles xx

  4. Thanks fo the offer Princess Jasmine! My beans flatmates will be looking after me, so basically I get to rule the house :D Also, mama bean brushes me everyday to keep that floof in top order, its a hard job, but someone has to do it!