Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not a very exciting weekend

It hasn't been a ver exciting weekend, but thats how I like it. Mama bean has been giving me extra cuddles, as if that will make up for her leaving me on Friday. So there is not much to report around here today, so here is another adorible picture of me, gotta keep those mancats happy xoxo

My tousled bed look
Also mummy is writing one of her assignments on me! She is doing an english writing paper, and has to write a explanation pice, so she is explaining how to keep me happy! Its sure to get an A+ with me as the subject!
Me and Mana bean - how I like to be carried
Love and nosebumps

xoxo Bang!


  1. Loving the cuddles. You sure is loved prrrr

  2. I look all uninterested in that photo... but I'm purring.

  3. Bang!
    I like playin under the covers too.


  4. OMG Abby your avatar looks like me!! what a foxy lady!

  5. Trust me bang, i read your mamas paper and its gooood

  6. Of course it is Zane, Its about me