Saturday, December 4, 2010

Night Life

So its a bit late, and my daddy is snoring, and mummy is reading her book (read "no one is playing with me"). But alas I am awake and ready to play. So since there is nothing much happening round here today, I thiought I might tell you about a few little crushes I have. Firstly there is Elwood, he is a sexy mancat who lives in Auckland, and in fact lives with my mummy's mummy.
Rumppled out of bed look
He is a pretty sexy mancat, but he is a bit old for me (17 whole human years!) he is a pedegree Blue Point Burman, and used to have a brother named Jake (get it the blues brothers?!) but sadly, Jake passed away suddenly a few years back.
I also have my eye on a Next Top Cat Model contestant and recently judge Misha, but maybe we will go into that abit later.

It is almost Christmas, and I hope my beans get me some new toys! Mummy put up the tree yesterday, and one of the bows fell on the floor, and I found myself acting like a kitten all over again, lets just say, there isnt much left of that bow.
Mummy have put her book down, so I think its time for some snuggles.

Untill next time, love and noesbumps.

xx Bang!

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