Monday, December 27, 2010


Goodmorning folks, Elwood here, thought you could use a little civilized posting. little Bang! is so caught up in all her prezzies, and all the going ons of christmas, that she has neglected her blog, so along come I to save the day.
Pondering face
So back to it then. Bang! has sent me pictures of all the things she got for Christmas, but I think my handsome face is more entertaining... but Bang!s mummybean says that you would all be interested to see what she got, and that my face can have a whole post next time. So here she is, Bang! and gifts.
Gifts before

She got a mouse!
So here is a picture of all the lovely things Bang! got, not including the turkey fancy feast she got for christmas dinner!
Gifts after

"you no take my mouse!!"
That last one was Bnag!s daddy bean trying to take her new mouse away, such a fierce look from our girl!

That is all for me, I'm old you know so its time to go back to bed. So untill next time my friends
Love and nosebumps
Elwood xx

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  1. Hi Elwood! We think that you are looking very handsome but we have to say we also like the pictures of Bang! and her pressies! They all look so great!!