Thursday, December 16, 2010

Early Christmas!

I got my early christmas prezzies today! I got to open all but one fo my prezzies (one of them our flatmates get to open with me on Christmas day) But I'm not going to tell you what I got, not untill Christmas that is, but I will show you a picture of me with all my gifts!!
Look at all my gifts!!
You may wonder who that handsome fellow behind me is, well thats Hugo Hippo, he may appear in future posts.
Mama bean felt that today was early christmas because she started packing! can you believe it?! so I was all sad face, and I got things! (sad face always works)
I'm not too sure I like this

You can take me?
I kinda want to meet Elwood (he featured in an earlier post) as I have decied to make him my brother, mama bean speaks highly of his late night antics and is apparently very vocal, maybe he can teach me a thing or two.

Also, sorry for not posting much this week, mama bean has been useless! she says she is "soooo busy with handing in assignments before the holidays" and "shopping for prezzies" piffy I say, there is always time for you my lovely readers!

Love and nosebumps

xox Bang!


  1. You got to open presents before Christmas Day? Lucky!

    And you have a Hugo too? That's cool. There's another Hugo making the rounds of the U.S. right now. We think he's still at Marg's Pets. :-)

  2. Wow, you have a lovely lot of pressies there Bang. AND more to come on Christmas, that is very lucky indeed. Keep the sad faces going especially when your mummy bean leaves. That way she will bring you more pressies when she comes home ;)

  3. Hi Bang!
    Is Hugo the hippo the same one who is making his way around the blogoverse?
    Wow look at all those prezzies! We can't wait to hear what you got.
    Oooo that IS a sad, we are sorry your Mom is going away.
    We'll have to help keep you company for the Holidays.


  4. Hey guys, I was not aware that Hugo was famous! I don't think they are the same hippo tho, my Hugo dosn't seem to get up to much.

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