Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Such a sad day

Our thoughts are with Christchurch today, and we are so proud of how quickly the USA and Australia has come to our aid, not to mention how regular kiwis are getting stuck in with the rescue efforts and our own military's effective mobilization. The images last night truly shocked the nation, and infact the world. We are thankful for our safty and health here in Wellington, and Bang!'s ear problem seems so much less serious, and puts everything into perspective. Please visit out friend Rumble's blog, he is fundraising for the Christchurch SPCA, please contribute to this cause!
Send your purrs to Christchurch, Bang! is doing better
Love and nosebumps
MamaBean xoxo


  1. Thank you for the shout out my friend, I hope that some RUMBLESMOOCHies will make you feel better, there is nothing fun about ear troubles.

  2. We were very sad to hear about the horrible situation in Christchurch!

    We are also sending purrs to you that your ear problem is healed soon! The cone of silence is never fun!

  3. We are right across the other side of the world from you, but mummy has been moved to tears by the pictures we have seen on the news here. Sending all our love, keep safe xxxx

  4. We are purring for All Beings affected and have made a donation on Rumbles' blog.

  5. We have been purring for the people and critters of Christchurch, NZ. Such an awful event.

    Clarissa will chew on her belly until it is raw. About every 12 weeks she gets a Depomederol injection. That seems to help.

  6. Thank you every one! your purs and prayers are much appreciated! And Rumbles, Rumblesmooches from you makes everything all better xo