Monday, February 21, 2011

Some worrisome news

Hello readers, MamaBean here, sorry it's been a while since the last update, but our internet has been down for a while. Bang! Isn't doing so well at the moment either, she has always scratched her ears more than normal kitties, but this week she has been scratching herself so much that she jeeps making her ears bleed, and has made scabs come up in her mustache. We have tried clipping her claws and using ear cream from the vets, but she still scratches herself raw. We are going to see if we can get a cone of silence from the vets tomorrow to give her ears a chance to heal. If you have any ideas on how to ease her pain and itchiness, please leave us some suggestions!
Thankyou for your continuing support, and send you purrs to our baby girl
Love and nosebumps
Bang!s MamaBean xoxo


  1. We are sending big purrs to Bang! Samson scratches his ear and also gets scabs, and he scratches because of allergies. It's probably a good idea to see the vet to make sure she's okay.

  2. Hi Monkeys! Our vet kept saying it was ear mites, but I'm convinced she has some sort of allergies.
    MamaBean xoxo

  3. Oh dear Bang! We are sorry to hear that your have the itchies. It does sound to us like allergies and we hope you have been able to get something to help. WE will send healing purrs to you.


  4. Does Bang!'s ears have little black dot things in them that look a bit like coffee grounds? Cos I had ear mites quite bad when my hoomans took ownership of me and that's what they look like. An injection of ivomec (I think!) and regular doses of advocate have done the trick and I am ear mite free. I do have a bit of scarring on the inside of my ears from all the scritching, says the vet.

  5. Hello Darwin, she does, and we are using an ear drop cream type stuff, her ears look much better inside today, so we feel better, now we are just giving her scabs a chance to heal.