Monday, February 28, 2011

My Ears

They are much better, but I am still bound in the cone of silence which is leading to plenty of sad face and moping around. I find it very hard to hold a grudge tho, so can not find it within myself to completely shun those who put this horrid contraption on me. My ears are healing nicely say MamaBean, and I have been comforted by my great friend Hugo Hippo. Yeah, my support system is enviable.
Me and my LittleBuddy
Much thanks for all the love and purrs sent my way, and thanks to MamaBean for takin over the blog when I wasn't feeling up to it.
Love and nosebumps
Bang! xoxo


  1. *smooch smooch smooch* I hope those healing smoochies help my dear, I hate to see you unwell.

  2. Awww, sorry to ear you are not feeling well. It must be very hard to have to wear that thing, but my mummy says its for your benefit and that everything will be back to normal in a blink of a kitty eye. xx

  3. We're purring big time for your ears, Bang! We hope you don't have to wear your cone too long.

  4. Bang!, we hope your ears heal quickly and that the cone comes off soon. Loud purrs from us!

    -Nicki and Derry

  5. Oh Bang! We just got caught up on your little ear problem. We hope you heal quickly and you can lose that cone of silence!!

  6. Bang!
    Oh dear
    oh dears.
    YOU look so sad.
    We will send healing purrs to your ears and hope you are much better very soon.


  7. We are purring for yours ears to be all better soon, Bang!.

  8. Bang we are so behind - we are sorry about your ears and the cone! We hope that by now you are better and it is off (paws crossed). WE are sending you lots of purrs and prayers!